About Hound & Soul




     "All I’ve ever wanted to do in life is make dogs happy, comfortable and beautiful because that's what they do for me."
-Kathy Johns, CEO, Hound & Soul






Dogs have given me so much in life.  Smiles, laughter, responsibility, patience, ....and so much warmth and love.  When they are happy, the humans they touch are happy.  

I created Hound & Soul to create dog apparel and accessories that meet my standards of high quality and high style. All products feature the highest quality construction and materials, beautiful design, impeccable fit and function, and most importantly, a spirit of fun and adventure.

All Hound & Soul products are handmade and tested on the most discernible pups, including mine. Dash and Scully are active, crazy, "irradorable" and very picky.  They wear them in 4 feet of snow running through the forest, through rain and mud, and sometimes while they relax by the fire.  All Hound & Soul dog jackets and collars are easy to clean and are built to last.   

My dogs are a part of my soul, and I know there are many other humans who feel that same.  I think they deserve the very best in comfort, style, and quality.  Don't you?